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Assisted Living for Seniors in Yakima, Washington

Thinking about moving to assisted living? For seniors in Yakima, this is a significant life decision. Fortunately, even though you have a lot to think about, it should settle your mind knowing that many of our residents express that they wish they would have agreed to the move much earlier on.

Why? At Avamere at Englewood Heights, we prioritize you and your needs. Our Yakima assisted living services take care of daily tasks like housekeeping, lawn maintenance, and cooking. This allows you to enjoy a vibrant and active lifestyle without unnecessary burdens.

Make life easier for yourself. Choose to live a more enriched life at Avamere.

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Quality That is Obvious: 2020 Bronze Quality Award

Welcome to Avamere at Englewood Heights

One of the Best Assisted Living Communities in Yakima

Embrace the beginning of a new chapter in our assisted living community in Yakima. This captivating city in Washington State offers a diverse array of attractions, from its majestic landscapes to cultural sites and an abundance of outdoor adventures.

Yakima, nestled amidst scenic wonders, presents a warm climate that ensures your comfort and well-being. Indulge in the enchantment of Avamere at Englewood Heights, where our 24/7 staff welcomes you with open arms. Our commitment to superior senior care positions us among the finest assisted living communities in Yakima.

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A Home to Match Your Style

Senior Living and Memory Care | Yakima, WA

When transitioning to our assisted living community, you need not compromise on elegance. Our apartments blend functionality with a touch of sophistication.

Assisted Living Communities in Yakima, WA

What Makes Us a Premier Senior Living Community for Your Yakima Retirement?

Avamere at Englewood Heights is a highly-rated Yakima senior living community that strives to provide all the services, activities, and amenities a senior could need!

Caring For You

  • Personalized, compassionate care
  • Medication reminders
  • Health and wellness checks

Day-to-Day Life

  • Vibrant activities calendar
  • In-house transportation
  • Restaurant-style dining

Personal Wellbeing

  • Cozy, inviting living spaces
  • Fitness classes
  • Housekeeping and maintenance

Your Safety Matters

  • Round-the-clock staff
  • Emergency call system
  • Advanced safety features
Yakima Washington

Retiring in Yakima, Washington

Life in Yakima

Learn more about the city of Yakima below:

Yakima, Washington
Population 95,957 people
Climate Hot summers, extra cold winters
Cost of Living 7.1% below the national average
Distance to Seattle, WA 143 miles
Distance to Portland, OR 184 miles
Yakima Valley Washington

Benefits of Assisted Living

Reasons to Consider Moving to an Assisted Living Community

Here are some of the top benefits of moving to assisted living in Yakima:

Professional Care and Assistance

Our dedicated team offers personalized support, addressing daily tasks such as grooming, medication management, and meal preparation according to individual requirements.

Enhanced Safety

Assisted living communities prioritize the safety of seniors, offering a secure environment with 24/7 staff availability and emergency response systems.

Access to Amenities

Assisted living communities in Yakima offer a range of amenities and services, including fitness centers, transportation options, fun outings, and various dining choices, giving seniors the power of convenience.

Maintenance-Free Living

By transitioning to assisted living, seniors can bid farewell to home maintenance, yard work, and repairs. Our employees take care of housekeeping, laundry, and maintenance concerns, giving residents a chance to enjoy a worry-free lifestyle.

Social Engagement and Companionship

Combating isolation and fostering a lively social atmosphere, Yakima’s assisted living communities encourage social interaction, group activities, and the formation of new connections, promoting overall well-being. (At Avamere at Englewood Heights, we embrace pet-friendly policies, elevating the quality of life. Contact us to inquire about bringing your furry companion!)

Peace of Mind for Families

Families can find solace in knowing that their loved ones are well-cared for and supported within an assisted living community. Professional care, social interaction, and a safe environment alleviate concerns, allowing families to cherish quality time with their seniors.

At the end of the day, transitioning to an assisted living community empowers seniors to maintain their independence while receiving support in the ways they need it. This provides for a secure, fulfilling lifestyle among peers.

What to Look for in an Assisted Living Community

Features of Top Senior Living

These are some key elements in the best senior living communities:

Exemplary Care Standards

Thoroughly assess the community’s dedication to delivering exceptional care. Look for a compassionate and well-trained staff who attentively cater to the needs of residents. Inquire about the staff-to-resident ratios and the qualifications of the caregivers. Additionally, explore any certifications or accreditations that highlight the community’s commitment to providing top-quality care.

Emphasis on Safety

Ensure the community places a high priority on the safety and well-being of its residents. Seek out features such as emergency call systems, as well as preventive measures to minimize the occurrence of accidents and falls. Talk to the senior living community about security protocols, including surveillance systems and access control measures.

Individualized Attention

Take into consideration the ratio of staff members to residents, ensuring that it allows for personalized care and attention. More employees on duty typically call for a higher level of tailored support and individualized focus.

Amenities and Services

Evaluate the variety and quality of amenities and services available in the independent living community. Find out the availability of desirable amenities and additional services, such as housekeeping, that contribute to a convenient and comfortable lifestyle.

Engaging Social and Recreational Programs

Social and recreational programs can do wonders for residents’ social interaction and mental stimulation. They can also make assisted living communities more enjoyable overall. Ask about what programs are available, and make sure they’re a good fit for your loved one.

Clean Environment

Check out how clean the community is when you arrive. A well-maintained space indicates an orientation to detail and will provide peace of mind that the community is dedicated to creating the best living environment.


Conduct thorough research on the community’s reputation, and seek out reviews or testimonials from residents (both past and present) and family members. That can tell you how satisfied your loved one will be living there if they ultimately decide to move.


Keep in mind the affordability of the community. Ask questions about what is included in the cost and what one-time and ongoing fees to expect. This transparency is important to set expectations early on.

Convenient Location

The location of the assisted living community in Yakima can make a huge difference in whether your loved one will be happy there. Double check it is nearby places like shopping centers, recreational areas, and medical facilities – or at least a short drive away.

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Senior Living in Yakima, Washington

Discover the elevated comfort, unmatched convenience, and remarkable quality of life that awaits seniors at Avamere at Englewood Heights in Yakima, WA. This exceptional retirement community offers an enriching lifestyle and opportunities to make new friends. Take the first step towards making it your own by scheduling a tour today. Explore the possibilities, and envision calling this esteemed Yakima retirement community your cherished “home”!


Assisted Living Community | Yakima, Washington

What is the best age for assisted living?

The predominant age range for individuals transitioning to an assisted living community is 87 years old. However, it is also possible to make the move at the age of 60-65 or even earlier, depending on personal preference and familial considerations.

What senior living options do you offer?

Avamere at Englewood Heights in Yakima offers assisted living, respite care, and memory care for seniors.

Is Yakima, Washington a nice place to live?

Yakima, Washington offers a unique living experience with its natural beauty, vibrant agricultural scene, and outdoor recreational opportunities. It has a strong sense of community and provides amenities and services. Consider factors like climate and lifestyle to determine if Yakima is right for you.

Why are so many people moving to Yakima, Washington?

Yakima, Washington is attracting many people due to its natural beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, thriving agriculture, affordable cost of living, strong sense of community, growing job market, and cultural offerings.

What is near this assisted living community in Yakima?


  • Second Street Grill
  • Powerhouse Grill
  • Crafted
  • Last Frontier Restaurant


  • Safeway
  • La Milpa Market
  • Quality Mart
  • Many’s Market


  • Rainier Square
  • Southgate Shopping Center
  • Westpark Shopping Center
  • Valley Mall


  • Emil Kissel Park
  • Chesterley Park
  • Elks Park
  • Larson Park

How expensive is it to live in Yakima?

It’s 7.1% cheaper to live in Yakima than the rest of the country as a whole. Utilities, transportation, housing, food, and health all fall below the national average.
Is providing express written consent necessary?
Our goal is to make sure you know your rights when you come to our assisted living community. Contact us for more information.